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Unique 55.1 Grams 14K Gold Rhinoceros Pendant

Price: $2,950
  • Item No: 77377

Unique 55.1 Grams 14K Gold Rhinoceros Pendant. The rhinoceros head is beautifully sculptured and has a sapphire eye. It measures 2 inches wide and from the bottom of the rhinoceros head to the tip of the horn it measures 2 inches high. It has a very substantial weight close to 2 troy ounces, 55.1 grams. Although unmarked it has been tested with the touchstone and acid method as well as the fluorescence and x-ray methods . It has 2 rings at the back of the top to put a chain through and wear it as a necklace. One thing for sure is you will never see another one like this unique pendant. Guaranteed to please and delight the most particular jewelry collector or dealer.

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