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Rare Barye Barbedienne Foundry Pacing Bull Bronze Special Edition FB In Gold

Price: $10,000
  • Item No: 77353

The gold 'FB' marking was a special edition that was produced immediately after Barye's death in honour of his creative genius and these casts are of the highest quality from the famous Barbedienne foundry. This accolade is popular with collectors and generally more than doubles the value of the 'normal' Barbedienne bronze casts. We researched all the Barye auction records and could not find another example with the Barbedienne FB marking in gold. We have to thank our friend and bronze expert David Hickmet of the U.K. for sharing his knowledge of Barye Bronzes and explaining the meaning of the Gold FB on this and the other Barye Bronze we have. This Barbedienne model with out the FB in gold sold in France at at Artcurial lot # 00345 on 2/3/2016 for $7932 another Barbedienne model without the FB was sold @ Freeman's lot # 00375 on 1/25/2011 for $6875. Other examples of this Barye Bull have sold for as much as $17,471 not a Barbedienne Model and of course no FB in gold sold at Bonham's London lot # 00069 on 7/5/2012, another was sold at Sotheby's London not a Barbedienne casting for $13,186 on 11/16/2006. The Bull measures from the point of his horn to the back of his tail 11-1/2 inches long, the base is 4-1/8 inches wide, the height is 7-1/2 inches weight is 7.4 pounds. The condition is excellent.

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