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Beautiful Large Sterling Silver High Relief Napoleon Sculpture Ornate Spoon

Price: $493
  • Item No: 77292

Beautiful Heavy Sterling Silver High Relief Napoleon Sculpture Ornate Spoon. The spoon measures from the top of Napoleon's hat to the bottom of the spoon 10 inches. the width of the spoon bowl is 3 inches. It weighs 152 grams. The sculpture of Napoleon measures 4 inches high and 1 1/2 inches wide. The sculpture depicts Napoleon with his hand tucked into his vest. He is holding a telescope in his right hand. The top of the spoon bowl has mythological beasts, each with a wreath in their mouth. The bottom section has a crowned N above the wreath. There is also an eagle within a wreath below Napoleon's feet. It is beautifully sculptured on the obverse and reverse. This is quite a find for any collector of Napoleonic items. It is in excellent condition.

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