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Antique 18K Gold Platinum Gem Cats Eye Diamonds Rubies Sapphires Insect Brooch

Price: $10,000
  • Item No: 77186

Antique Unique Circa 1890 18K Gold Platinum Superb Gem Cats Eye, Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires Insect Brooch. The brooch weighs 11.3 grams. There is a superb gem natural cabochon cats eye chrysoberyl measuring approximately 4 carats set in the body of the brooch. The cats eye measures 15mm long and 8.25mm wide. The brooch measures 45mm 1-3/4 inches wide from wing tip to wing tip. From top to bottom it measures 28mm 1-14 inches high. There are 18 old European cut diamonds H color VS2 clarity platinum set in the and eyes and wings. The diamonds measure combined weight 1.8 carats. There are 3 gem sapphires in the brooch. Two oval cut faceted sapphires in the wings and a larger cabochon sapphire set above the cats eye in the body. Combined sapphires weight .70 carats. There are two gem rubies set in wings. The Rubies are oval cut faceted gem rubies measuring .20 carat each. All of the gems stones in this brooch are finest quality money could buy at the time it was hand made. The combined gem weigh is 6.9 carats. This unique brooch is in excellent condition and traces its provenance to Margaret Elmendorf Sloan (1822-1913) New York, New York by descent in the family to the last owner. The Cat’s Eye, a semi transparent stone of the Chrysoberyl family has a distinct ray of light running across it, which has been compared to a drop of water enclosing a beam of light. It is most commonly translucent, of a milky-white color, but is also found in shades of yellow, red and brown. It has always been greatly valued in India, where it is regarded not only as a bringer of wealth, but a Talisman to prevent its owner’s gain diminishing. The Cat’s Eye is also considered powerful against the terrors of the night; it will relieve asthma if hung around the neck, also helps babies suffering from croup, and it is also worn for mental balance, foresight and general attractiveness. As a popular charm for success in speculation, gambling, and games of chance, it is said to have no equal.

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