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Collection of 20 Sterling Silver Antique Souvenir City & State Spoons and 1 Fork

Price: $430
  • Item No: 77068

Collection of 20 Sterling Silver Antique Souvenir City & State Spoons and 1 Fork. The combined weight of the collection is 406.2 grams/more than 13 troy ounces. The spoons include: Colorado famous Royal Gorge Canyon City; Great Barrington Mass depicting a Native American, corn, two tomahawks, a quiver with arrows, a peace pipe, and a papoose; Chief Niagra Falls New York; Wyoming depicting a high relief sculptured miner, a farmer drawing water from a well, grazing sheep, a Native American a cowboy roping cattle, and a high relief sculptured cowboy riding a wild horse; Cheyanne Wyoming depicting figures, corn, and flowers; Cheyanne Wyoming Capital building and sculptured figures; Evanston Ill. Depicting the university building and sculptured flowers; Florida depicting high relief oranges; Florida depicting high relief sculptured palm trees; Salt Lake City Utah depicting the Temple and tabernacle, and also shows industry 1847, a beehive, an angel, and a miner; high relief sculptured Native American, a canoe, two teepee's, a fire, ears of corn, arrows, the spoon bowl is inscribed WALTHILL, Neb; The Auditorium Omaha, Neb.; Sioux City, IA depicting a high school; Boston reticulated on spoon handle; Omaha depicting sculptured corn; Denver with the spoon bowl engraved with two children with napsacs riding on a donkey, the handle has the new mint, a sculptured column, city hall, General James, a seated lady, the back has more high relief sculpture with the state capital and more buildings; 4th Street Bridge, Waterloo Iowa depicting high relief sculptured flowers on front and back; Soliders & sailors monument Indianapolis, Indianna; Sioux City, Iowa; The New Carnagie Library Sioux City, Iowal; and the fork is from New Mexico depicting high relief sculptured grapes, wheat, a farmer with a pick, two eagels, the back has a high relief sculptured teepee, a canoe, a tomahawk, a paddle, a peace pipe, and a power horn. They just need to be polished to make them look like new.(21) pieces total. This is a wonderful collection that took time to assemble. We are selling the group as a 21 piece collection. They are not for sale individually. All are in great condition, just needs to be polished.

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