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Ultimate Kauba Antique Vienna Bronze Native American on Horseback Shooting Rifle

Price: $5,200
  • Item No: 76952

This is the best Carl Kauba Vienna bronze sculpture I have seen in my more than 50 years collecting, buying, selling and appraising antique bronzes. It is one if not the very best Kaubas known. It has almost all its original cold paint patina intact . It is the best and most animated bronze sculpture by Kauba we have seen. Although he never visited the wild west he must have seen photos or printed images in newspapers in Austria of what Native Americans looked like . He was facinated with the Cowboys and Indians of the wild west and sculptured what most knowledgeable collectors and dealers agree on that his Native American sculptures are the finest known . This exquisite bronze measures 14-1/2 inches wide by 12 inches high. It weighs 14 pounds.This sculpture is guaranteed to please and delight the most advanced collector or connoisseur.