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Exquisite Antique 14k Yellow Gold 2.3 Carats Peridots Necklace

Price: $1,060
  • Item No: 76597

Exquisite Antique 14k Yellow Gold Peridots Necklace with Chain. The necklace is set with 5 gem peridots. The largest is an oval cut that dangles from the bottom of the necklace. That one measures .70 carat. There are 2 round cut antique peridots that measure .60 carat each. On the sides there are two round cut peridots measuring .10 carat each. At the very top connected to the chain is another peridot measuring .20 carat. Combined peridot weight 2.3 carats. The peridots are perfectly clear with great color and superb brilliance. The necklace chain measures 16 inches long from the bottom of the peridot to the top of the necklace chain it measures 10 inches long. The pendant portion measures 1 inch wide at its widest point. Although unmarked we test every jewerly item marked or not with the acid and touch stone method. This necklace is guaranteed to be 14k solid yellow gold. The quality of the perdots is so good they look like light green diamonds. It weighs 9.7 grams. Peridot Chrysolite. The chrysolite is a very beautiful yellow-green gem which derives its name from two Greek words meaning "golden stone", by which name it is referred to by Pliny. It varies in color, and although exactly the same stone it bears different names; when of a deep bright green it is known as Peridot, and when of an olive green it is called Olivine. The stones are found in Egypt, Ceylon, and Brazil, and specimens have been found in meterorites and the lava of Vesuvius. The Peridot was much valued by the ancients, the name signifying in Arabic precious stone, and it was at one time considered of more value that the diamond. These were the only gems set in transparent form by the Romans who wore them for protection from enchantment and against melancholy and illusion. Marbodus says they should be set in gold (gold being the metal of the sun) to dispel the vague terrors of the night. During the Middle ages these stones were worn for foresight with regard to future events and for Divine inspiration and eloquence.

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