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Superb Antique Bronze Seated Greyhound with Moveable Jaw

Price: $2,230
  • Item No: 76395

Superb Antique Bronze Seated Greyhound with Moveable Jaw. The Greyhound's jaw is on a spring and can be opened to hold letters or papers. Be careful with your finger because the teeth on this Greyhound are sharp. The Greyhound has a collar. It is a female Greyhound. It could be mounted on a marble base if one so desired. In my opinion it looks great just the way it is and does not need a marble base. It has a lovely honey colored patina. The Greyhound is in excellent condition. It measures 7-3/4 inches high. From its back to its left front paw it measures 3-3/4 inches. From the bottom to the top of its ear it measures 7-3/4 inches high. It weighs 3 pounds. This would be a wonderful desk accessory or cabinet piece or anyone fond of Greyhounds. This is an extremely rare model.

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