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Exquisite Iridescent Decorated Art Glass Vase Signed Hyde 1991.

Price: $385
  • Item No: 76366

The vase is 4 3/4 inches high. Widest width 3 inches. Exquisite hand blown iridescent art glass vase signed Hyde (Elaine Hyde) 1991. Her hand blown glass is a unique and exciting art form. Each piece is indivually created using techniques thousands of years old. Sand is used to make the basic formula, with metallic oxides added for color. The mixture is melted and maintained to 2200 degrees F. The pieces are made by dipping a hollow steel pipe into the molten glass, gathering a bit on the end and blowing a bubble. The honey like substance is manipulated into the desired shape using hand tools and more glass. The iridescent color is achieved melting silver in the glass and spraying the surface with tin chloride. The piece is cooled quickly and signed and dated by the artist. The etched pieces are sand blasted and oiled to create a striking contrast of lustrous glass and black velvet matte. To maintain the dark color the glass can be occasionally rubbed with mineral oil. The vase is in mint condition.

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