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Large Beautiful Gilt Bronze Semi Nude Lady Cherub Birds Math Moreau

Price: $7,000
  • Item No: 76276

Large Beautiful Gilt Bronze Semi Nude Lady Cherub Birds Math Moreau Hors Concours. The sculptor Mathurin Moreau won numerous medals for his sculptures. He attended the school of Beautiful Arts and studied with the best sculptors of the era. He was the son of Jean- Baptiste - Luis- Joseph- Moreau. He was born November 18, 1822 and died in Paris January 14, 1912. He won a medal exhibiting at the Rome Exposition in the 1840's. He also continued to win medals at other expositions including the Universelle Exposition in 1859 and 1861 and 1863. He became a chevalier of the legion of honor in 1865. He went on to exhibit and win medals through the 1860's 70's and 80's. Mathurin Moreau is considered one of the most important French sculptors of the 19th centruy. His works are exhibited in museums in France, Europe and the U.S. The bronze we are offering is in excellent condition. It depicts a lovely young woman holding a child in her hands. The top of her robe only goes up to her waist. The child looks like a cherub without wings and is holding a bow in his left hand. It is inscribed Math Moreua Hors Concours. The side and back of the sculpture have two gilt bronze birds on sculptured branchers and a tree. The bottom of the sculpture has a pivot base reserved for the highest quality sculptures that can be turned easily on a pivot base. The bronze measures 24 inches high. From the flowing robe to the bird's wings 9 inches wide. Weight 31.4 pounds.

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