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Exquisite Antique Semi Nude Lady Bronze Signed A. Mayer German 1855-1939

Price: $4,930
  • Item No: 76076

Exquisite Antique Semi Nude Lady Bronze with Flowered Wings in Her Hair Signed A. Mayer German 1855- 1939. This exquisite antique bronze depicts a semi nude lady with her hands outstretched in a welcoming position. She is nude with the exception of a robe covering a portion of the side of her body and between her legs. She has a beautiful face and is extremely life like. The bronze was sculptured by Alois Mayer a German sculptor born in 1855 who died in 1939. This is a gorgeous big bronze measuring 27 inches high. Widest width from hand to hand is 15-1/2 inches. She has feathered wings in her hair and a very gorgeous face and beautiful body. Weight 21 pounds. This sculptor had a 27-1/2 inch bronze of Diana that sold for $5,619.00 at Sotheby's London March 30, 1990 lot 139. The one we are offering is in excellent condition guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur.

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