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Moreau-Vauthier Antique Allegorical F. Barbedienne Bronze Sculpture Fortune

Price: $5,200
  • Item No: 75722

Superb antique Moreau-Vauthier Antique Allegorical F. Barbedienne Bronze Sculpture of Fortune. It is signed Moreau-Vauthier, for Paul (Gabriel Jean P.) Moreau- Vauthier, one of the best 19th century French sculptors. This gorgeous bronze sculpture of Fortune depicts Fortune standing on a wheel of progress with flowers at the bottom of the wheel. She is depicted moving forward with a form fitting flowing robe. In her right hand she holds a cornucopia. In her left hand she holds a long, handled, decorative instrument. The bronze is signed and dated Moreau-Vauthier 1878. It is also marked F. Barbedienne, Fondeur Paris and numbered 709. This model of Fortune is extremely well sculptured by one of the finest French sculptor's of the 19th century. The back of the bronze base has the Bardeienne foundry portrait seal and also reads MECANIQUE REDUCTION A.COLLAS BREVERTE around the portrait. Bronzes by this sculptor are very rare and are lacking in almost every collection of 19th century bronzes. I have only owned 2 sculptures by this artist in my 50 years of buying, selling, collecting and appraising antique bronzes. This sculpture is beautiful viewed from any angle, she is very lifelike and exquisitely sculptured. She measures 21 inches high from the top of the cornucopia to the bottom of the base. Widest width 5-1/2 inches. The base measures 4-3/4 inches square. Weight 12.4 pounds. The bronze is in superb excellent condition guaranteed to please the most particular bronze sculpture collector.

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