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Antique Bronze Figure of a Hunter with Cross Bow Signed Oskar Gladenbeck

Price: $1,240
  • Item No: 75409

Antique Bronze Figure of a hunter with a Cross Bow Signed Oskar Gladenbeck. This is an extremely lifelike bronze hunter with cross bow signed Oskar Gladenbeck, born 1850 died 1921. Gladenbeck is also the most important German foundry of the 19th century where many superb German bronze sculptured were cast. Oskar Gladenbeck was an important German sculptor. This is the first work by the hand of Oskar Gladenbeck we have had the pleasure to purchase and offer for sale. It is mounted on its original high quality specimen marble base. The bronze including the base measures 10-1/2 inches from bottom of base to top of archer's hat. The figure measures 8-1/4 inches not including the base. The specimen marble base is 2-3/8 inches deep, 2-3/4 inches wide and 2-3/8 inches high. Weight 3.6 pounds The hunter is extremely lifelike and beautifully sculptured. In his right hand he holds a cross bow, in his left hand he holds a hunting horn. The detail and quality of this sculpture is among the best German bronzes produced in the 19th century. It is guaranteed to please the most advanced sculpture collector.

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