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Beautiful Antique Signed Vienna Gilt Bronze Flamenco Dancer

Price: $2,500
  • Item No: 75133

Beautiful Antique Signed Vienna Gilt Bronze Flamenco Dancer. The signature is hard to read but it looks like F Iffland. Although the bronze has another inscription on the base, the face of the dancer looks very much like the sculptured faces of works done by Bruno Zach who was known to have signed many of his bronzes with other names. This model looks like a sclpture from his hand. Whoever did this sculpture was an exceptional artisan. Her face and dance pose are extremely realistic. Her face is perfectly sculptured. It is a little on the erotica side as her left breast is exposed and the top of her dress is falling down exposing her beautiful body. This is a wonderful antique bronze in excellent condition. It measures 13-5/8 inches from bottom of base to top of her hair piece. From bottom of the bronze base to top of her hair piece it measures 10-1/4 inches. She dances on an 8 sided bronze base with a conforming octagonal 2 color marble pedestal base. Weight 8.4 lbs. This bronze has a lot of presence and captures the great motion of the 19th and early 20th centuriey Flamenco Dancers. This is a gorgeous bronze more than 100 years old in excellent condition guaranteed to please its new owner.

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