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Rare Antique Signed C. Kauba Geschutzt Nude Bronze Lady on a Wave

Price: $4,930
  • Item No: 75129

Rare Antique Signed C. Kauba Geschutzt Nude Bronze Lady on a Wave. This is another extremely rare antique Vienna Bronze, this one is signed C. Kauba, it is also marked Geschutzt and is numbered 5472. The sculpture depicts a beautiful long haired nude lady with a huge wave cresting over her head. She appears to be riding vertically in the air with the motion of the wave. Kauba captured perfectly the motion an beauty of the Art Nouveau movement when he sculptured this rare bronze. I have not seen this one in any collection or pictured in any reference book. It is one of his most rare antique Vienna Bronzes. It measures 7-3/4 inches high, widest width is 4 inches. It is 2-1/2 inches deep. Weight 3.6 lbs. It can also be used as a vase because the inside is hollow. It is extremely beautiful and well executed sculptured by who many feel is one of the finest Vienna Bronze sculptors. The female nude in the water has her original cold paint patina still intact. This will be the most welcomed addition to any advanced Vienna Bronze or Art Nouveau collection guaranteed to please as are all our items.

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