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Rare Antique Beautiful Vienna Bronze Harem Sword Dancer

Price: $3,850
  • Item No: 75128

Rare Antique Beautiful Vienna Bronze Harem Sword Dancer. This is an extremely rare model, we have not been able to locate any pictures of another one or listings other than this one we have for sale. It depicts a perfectly proportioned and superbly sculptured beautiful Orientalist Harem Sword Dancer. Almost all of the original cold paint on this gorgeous piece is still intact. It sets on an elongated 8 sided marble base that conforms to the bronze base the dancer is on. From the bottom of the marble base to the top of the dancer's left hand it measures a little more than 11 inches. Not including the marble base, the bronze sculpture measures 8 inches tall to the top of the dancer's left hand. From the tip of the sword in her right hand to the back of the sword handle in her left hand it measures 6-1/2 inches wide. The marble base measures 3-1/8 inches high, 4-1/4 inches wide and 2-3/8 inches deep. Weight 4.6 lbs. This is another extremely rare antique Orientalist Vienna bronze, that we have never had the opportunity to see before. It is sure to be a rare, welcomed and treasured addition to any antique Vienna Bronze collection.

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