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Ultimate Antique Signed Lorenzl Vienna Bronze Slave Seller and 2 Semi Nude Women

Price: $25,000
  • Item No: 75126

Rare Antique Signed Lorenzl Vienna Bronze Slave Seller with 2 Semi Nude Women. This is an extremely rare model, I have never seen another one anywhere or pictured in any books other than this one. Joseph Lorenzl was an important Austrian sculptor born in 1892 and died in 1950. This sculpture depicts a cold painted Orientalist Arab slave seller displaying 2 beautiful young nude ladies, one seated, one standing, modestly trying to cover themselves as he lifts the robe from one to display their nude bodies to potential buyers. The young lady's faces are extremely well sculptured they actually look alive. Their faces look away feeling ashamed at being offered as slaves without their clothes. This is the rarest Vienna bronze slave seller in existence. We have seen some of the most advanced and expensive collections of antique Vienna Bronzes over the past 45 years, this one is lacking in every great collection. The bronze sits on its original black and gold marble base. It is inscribed LORENZL at the back of the bronze behind the slave seller. The bronze has almost 100% of its original cold paint patina intact. It is an extraordinary bronze. Under the signature on the back of the bronze it is incised Made in Austria 359_104. From the bottom of the base to the top of the slave sellers head it measures 10-3/8 inches high. From the bottom of the bronze base to the top of the seller's head it measures 8-3/4 inches high. The diameter of the marble base is 5-3/8 inches. Widest width from slave girl's left hand to the side of the slave seller's robe is 4-5/8 inches. Weight 9 lbs. This is a serious collector's piece that really belongs in a museum. The condition is superb it is guaranteed to please the most advanced antique or Vienna Bronze collector.

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