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Rare Antique Bergman Vienna Bronze Lovers

Price: $1,600
  • Item No: 73056

Rare antique Bergman Vienna bronze lovers circa 1900. The lovers are actually a shepard and his girlfriend. These figures were made to go inside of the Bergman box that has the Shepard's staff and hat on the top, but no shepherd. When you would flip the box over the underside has the shepherd and his girlfriend making love. We've only owned one other of this model in our more than 45 years in the antique business. That model was the complete box with the shepherd and his lover. What we have here is the bronze shepard and lover without the box. This item is pictured in Joe Zobel's book on antique Vienna bronzes. We've never seen it for sale before without the box. With the box and the lover's combined it is a $10,000.00 item. Someone clearly framed these two lovers so they may be enjoyed hung on a wall to admire the beautiful sculpture and tenderness of the embracing couple. With the box, this shepherd and his lover sells for $10,000.00 if and when you may be able to find another one. Our asking price of $1,600.00 is a real bargain considering its price with the box. We were very fortunate to be able to find this piece already framed ready to be hung on the wall and enjoyed by its new owner. It is one of the rarest Bergman bronzes less than 6 are known guaranteed to please any bronze collector or enthusiast.

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