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Gilt Bronze Polychrome Nude Lady Knife Juggler Marquet

Price: $6,500
  • Item No: 72800

Superb antique gilt and polychrome bronze nude dancing lady knife juggler wearing only a belt of bells. He has reddish polychrome hair. She stands on one foot juggling 3 knives with both hands and one foot. She has a bracelet with a bell and a belt with bells. This is a very animated sculpture, she looks alive as she dances and juggles the knives. Her head is bent to one side focusing carefully on the knife in her right hand. This is an extremely rare sculpture the only one we have seen in our more than 55 years specializing in antique bronze sculptures, antiques, paintings, decorative arts and jewelry. She is dancing on a gorgeous polished base that looks like ribbon agate or onyx. She measures 19 inches high from the bottom of the base to the top of her hand. Not including the original base, the juggler measures 15-3/8 inches to the top of her hand. The base measure 4-1/4 inches wide by 4-1/4 inches deep, and 3-3/4 inches high. From her back to the tip of her toe balancing the knife she measures 8 inches. From her right to left hand she measures 10 inches. The sculpture is signed and numbered on the knife blade she holds in her left hand. Please click enlargements to show greater details. She is signed Marquet and is also numbered and marked bronze. This is an Art Deco sculpture dating circa 1915. if you have been looking for a unique sculpture to add to your collection you have found it here. She is an exquisite example of the finest quality nude bronze dancers ever to come on the market for sale. Guaranteed to please the most discerning collector or connoisseur.

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