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Antique Classical Bronze Seated Lady Signed H. Dumage

Price: $2,770
  • Item No: 72755

Beautiful antique classical bronze lady seated on a decorative bench with 2 carved animal heads in high relief at the bottom of the bench. The lady is beautifully sculptured. She is wearing a classical style robe over her shoulder. She is semi nude. Her robe only covers the back and lower section of her body. She has a very graceful pose and expression. She measures 14 inches high to the top of her head on her wooden base. Not including the base she measure 12-1/2 inches high. She is signed H. Dumage on the side of the bench at the bottom. She has incised number 20254 on the bottom of the pedestal stool she rests on. This sculpture dates circa 1880. It is in excellent condition having a light to medium color bronze patina. The wooden base measures 6-3/4 inches long, 2 inches high and 5-1/4 inches deep. The sculpture at its widest point from the lady's knee to the back of her elbow measures 6-1/4 inches. Weight 10 lbs. This is a beautiful example of the sculptures created by Henri Dumage in the 19th century. The French are very proud of their artists and sculptors from the 19th century. Dumage contributed many of the finest 19th century bronze sculptures created. This is a magnificent classical bronze sculpture guaranteed to please as are all our items.

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