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Welcome to, builders and buyers of important collections. We specialize in the search, sale, purchase and appraisal of fine antiques, objets d'art, jewelry, paintings, sculpture and rare items. 

Our experts, with over 100 years combined experience collecting, buying, selling and appraising antiques, are continually searching the world to adequately satisfy your every collecting need. We offer to share our knowledge, expertise, and guidance in helping you find the rarest and finest quality objects. 

We are here to help you fulfill your collecting pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction. We strive to more than satisfy our clients. We want you to be delighted with your purchases from

 Our expert experienced private dealers and appraisers are always available to answer any questions and to offer any assistance requested. Feel free to contact us with your collecting needs or want lists. is always interested in purchasing fine collections, rare paintings, sculpture, estate jewelry, silver, art objects and any rare or unusual items. We are also available to offer you evaluations and expert appraisals.
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